Tip for Sunday 13th August 2017

One bet today, B Bet.

B Bet 325 Windsor Pepita 5pts each way at 5/1 (available generally) or if you have an exchange account you can put a win bet on at 5/1 and the same stake to finish in the first two to win 8.46 at the moment, or gamble on getting a better price.  You could even try to get your stake matched at evens for 3 places but the price is likely to get shorter so I wouldn’t advise that strategy.


Welcome to Horsenap

Hello and Welcome to Horsenap.
We are here to provide you with first class proven horse racing tips and analysis.

I’m a regular poster on Betnod.com with a proven track record of making a profit on horse racing with my system.

My username there is ODM, feel free to visit Betnod and check out my previous predictions.

Bets are broken down into two types, “A” bets and “B” bets. “A” bets are currently 47.91 pts in profit and “B” bets are 131.71.

List of winners since 28th July (all listed at SP, although most will have been backed at bigger prices)

A bets
28 July UAE King 6/5
2nd August Hugin5/4
5th August 350 Newmarket Mojito 5/6
5th August 355 Doncaster Gifted Master 7/4
9th August 330 Brighton Sir Jack ew placed at 6/1
9th August 510 Yarmouth Flying Fantasy won 4/1 backed ew 20/1!
9th August 715 Sandown Time Chaser 6/5

B bets
2nd August Havana Grey 7/2
3rd August Project Bluebook each way 16/1 placed (skybet 6 places)
3rd August 520 Goodwood Quench Dolly 10/3
4th August 440 Goodwood Tomyris ew placed 7/1
4th August 730 Newmarket Ross Raith Rover ew placed 25/1
5th August 300 Goodwood Crystal Ocean 6/4
7th August 700 Carlisle Sir Jack 2nd at 2/1 backed ew at 15/2