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Big Brother circa May 2015

Discussion in 'Special & Novelty Betting' started by ONEDUNME, May 20, 2015.


    ONEDUNME Administrator

    I vowed to keep out of this type of market due to the retarded nature of the British public and the twisting cunts who make the show who change the rules to suit themselves.

    Let me start by saying that I think Jack (the current favourite) is a plant. There is a theory about a plant every season but the way he (a man who had had cheers on the way in) was chosen by the voting public for the first task on opening night amongst a group of four others who had all been roundly booed on the way in was very suspicious. To compound that, of the five, only one of them specifically chose the podium to stand behind. One of them out of five and guess what? that happened to be the one that gave immunity .


    Anyway, I did say that I would keep away but I can't and I'm on Dan and Nick for small stakes.

    Anyone else getting involved?
  2. Seen

    Seen Moderator

    It's a very open betting field at the moment. I've got the two favs (Nick and Jack) as winners, also Joel and Christian with a couple of other small winners. Just trading around with small amounts at the moment, can't bring myself to watch it though as they all seem unbearable cunts.

    Picked out Nick at the start as one to go far (backed him at 16.0) simply as he seemed like the type the housemates would all like - however, posh boys have a poor record in BB so probably won't win.

    ONEDUNME Administrator


    That's what comes of having so many Mancs in there Seen.:ohwell

    Four of the fuckers

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