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It's Coming Home It's Coming Home....

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Punter, Jul 3, 2018.


    ONEDUNME Administrator


    Yes I think he will. I think that's the kind of bloke he is and it would be the right decision. It's not really fair to compare Rashford's performance with Sterling's. England were full of energy and bombing forward/knocking balls forward earlier in the game whereas, although we needed to push late on, Rashford didn't have the support that Sterling had around him when the ball came to him.

    I always felt towards the end that if we were going to get anything late on Rashford would be the one likely to create it. I thought Young looked shattered and should have been taken off long before he was but I heard a hundred people with a hundred different opinions about the game last night and it shows how difficult it is to be the one who has to actually have to make the call.
  2. rcgills

    rcgills Moderator

    Agree with you about Young, thought he should've been subbed quite a while before he was.

    Apparently Young, Trippier and Henderson are unlikely to be fit, so Rose, Alexander Arnold and Dier should be in for a start.
  3. slick

    slick Administrator

    Ditto about Young, I even texted Howson during the match about it and how he would get ripped a new arsehole by Mbappe if we reach the final (we were 1 up at the time).

    It was pretty much a replica of the Sweden game in that we dominated and wasted a good chance or two in the first half but then resorted to the England of old in the second.
    Difference being we just kept lumping the ball forward against Croatia but at least tried to hold onto it against Sweden.

    I also noticed this playing out from the back got gradually less and less the further we progressed lol as the opposing sides got better.

    I will admit though we got more than a run for our money but Southgate did show a lot of naivety by not changing the system when it was bleeding obvious we were getting battered in midfield.
    Delli Alli was the biggest let down for me, barring the goal against Sweden he did fcuk and it was like playing with 10 men.
    Dier was just as bad but at least he only came on as sub.

    We are missing a playmaker in midfield who can hold onto a ball and put in decent pass to the forwards, the best person we had at doing that was Kane and probably the reason Sterling was playing further up the field than him when ideally it should have been vice-versa but Sterling doesn't possess those skills.

    It nearly worked but it didn't take a technical team like Croatia long to suss us out.

    Even so, I thought we'd have enough in the bag to beat Croatia and I still do had Southgate been a bit more savvy in his decision making.
    I won't knock him though as we went further than I would have ever imagined and every player to a man looked like they loved playing for him, hopefully the experience will stand us in good stead for the future but I wouldn't bank on it lol.
  4. Seen

    Seen Moderator

    Far too reliant on set pieces.

    We scored 9 goals from set pieces (3 penalties, 2 free kicks, 4 from corners) which is a new record at a World Cup since data began in 1966.

    We scored just 3 goals from open play in 6 games (including a further hour of extra time), one of which was a lucky deflection v Panama.

    Most shots on target (per 90 minutes)


  5. slick

    slick Administrator

    I don't mind the set piece stat because it meant everytime we got one I was on the edge of my seat hoping we could do something with it, who wasn't with that last minute freekick against Croatia, and who else was wondering where the fcuk is Pickford lol.

    I don't know what the record was before but VAR did help us out with the pens and a few other teams to boot, so I reckon set pieces should be counted differently with and without VAR.

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