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Semi Final 2 - 24th May 2012

Discussion in 'Eurovision 2012 Betting' started by Gavster, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. DurhamBorn

    DurhamBorn Member

    If he wanders around the stage with the drunken looking wander they could sink,if they qualify its going nowhere in the final if thats the stage show,wandering around pissed.You can get Romania in a match bet with Turkey with StanJames at 6/5.Thats awesome value.
  2. Beanie

    Beanie Active Member

    From escbet...

    I’m not going to spend much time writing this, pretty much because mulling over this semi has taken up far too much of my day already…and it looks set to take up most of tomorrow too...

    Only bet so far is 3pts Belarus not to Qualify @ 1.91 with Betfred who are holding the price for quite a while. More tomorrow…

    Btw I really like the Belarus song, but their presentation is hopeless.

    Ranking at the moment:

    18th - Netherlands
    17th - Bulgaria
    16th - Slovakia
    15th – Belarus
    14th - Malta
    13th - Croatia
    12th - Portugal
    11th - Georgia
    10th - Macedonia
    9th – Lithuania
    8th - Slovenia
    7th - Estonia
    6th - Ukraine
    5th - Norway
    4th - Turkey
    3rd - Bosnia
    2nd - Serbia
    1st - Sweden

    Those pesky Georgians are occupying my thoughts tho - someone tell me I'm mad...
  3. Steve_uk

    Steve_uk Well-Known Member BANNED

    The ten qualifiers from the second semi-final are Lithuania,Bosnia and Herzegovina,Serbia,Ukraine,Sweden,FYR Macedonia,Norway,Estonia,Malta and Turkey.
    The eight non-qualifiers are Slovenia,Netherlands,Croatia,Bulgaria,Portugal,Belarus,Slovakia and Georgia.
    The biggest shock was the failure of Slovenia to qualify due to poor choreography;conversely Malta profited from a better stage performance and the collapse of the Slovakian entry.I know the late money was on Belarus not to qualify:why remains a mystery.
    I would expect Sweden to win the Final on Saturday night. Its main rivals are all female vocalists with similar songs,so why not place the different genre first. I don't think Zeljko is strong enough to beat Loreen.

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