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US Election betting 2020

Discussion in 'Special & Novelty Betting' started by Pete89, Jan 5, 2020.

  1. Pete89

    Pete89 Member

    Was talking about this at work this morning and the consensus seemed to be that as much as we all agree he’s a massive fud, we would be shocked if he lost the election. I jumped on to check the odds and was shocked to see it was 10/11.

    Incumbents tend to be returned and excluding those who died in office and the VPs who succeed them (as they never won the election in the first place) there have only been 3 one term presidents in the past hundred years, Hoover, Carter, Bush I.

    I think he’s performed better than his critics said he would, the US economy is fairing well and the sky hasn’t fallen and supporters will point to the earlier warnings that have failed to materialise as proof that its all just fake news.

    The impeachment is going to be thrown out of the senate. Trump supporters will see this as strength and will like that it’s not been a fair trial.

    finally the Iran thing is going to play in his favour, nothing Americans like more than supporting the commander in chief going to kill some ‘terrorists’.

    In all I think the current price is good value, although there’s potential for it to lengthen depending on the democratic candidate.
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  2. slick

    slick Administrator

    Only seems like yesterday when he was first given the keys to the whitehouse.
    When are the elections Pete?

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