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Week 42: weekend 10-13th May

Discussion in 'FREE CASH KOMP 2018/19' started by slick, May 7, 2019.

  1. newman200

    newman200 OTC

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  2. Howson

    Howson Active Member

    Absolutely walked it Topdog, very good score youve finished with, almost t 30 points clear of 2nd place - well done

    Once again great work from RC - im sure everyone would like to thank you, for all the work you put in - and thanks to anyone else who has helped

    3 depressing months now, until the season starts again
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  3. nawoo

    nawoo Active Member

    Congrats Topdog on retaining your title.:clap

    A Massive thanks to Slick and RCGills for the weekly odds and scoring.:thumb

    This was my 3rd season and have enjoyed very much. Highest finish of 5th bettering last season's wooden spoon.

    Thanks to all fellow players.

    May the Almighty bless us all
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  4. rcgills

    rcgills Moderator

    Winning scores in the current format:
    2014-15 - 122.55
    2015-16 - 135.40
    2016-17 - 134.41
    2017-18 - 156.89
    2018-19 - 181.78 :eek

    Topdog's taken this to a whole new level :giveupAlthough we do appear to have gained an extra week in this year's comp, normally 41
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  5. Topdog

    Topdog Moderator

    Thanks everyone, especially rcgills for overseeing a terrific competition throughout the season

    Though winning with something in hand close home, it never felt easy thanks to the quality of my fellow players
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  6. slick

    slick Administrator

    Well done Topdog once again and all tuther winners, I'll get a list together who's owed what and cross check it with the IKTS winners just in case anybody has won in both.

    Nawoo congratulations too, I seem to recall you come from Africa, do you have Paypal or the like so I can pay you?
    You don't have to reply with any details in this thread, please PM me.
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  7. slick

    slick Administrator

    I make it.....

    Winner £100 = Topdog
    2nd £80 = Newman
    3rd £50 = Howson
    4th £20 = Winrew
    Highest scorer £50 = Nawoo
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  8. Punter

    Punter Moderator

    Well done all.

    Brilliant stuff again, Topdog. You've become the Man City of this comp, going for 3 in a row next season.

    Much credit to OTC and RC for the time they put in with the stats and scores :clap

    One question, i might of missed it but were there any 5 timers hit this season? Or how many?
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  9. slick

    slick Administrator

    No 5 timers this year but I did hold the top score for a whole week until Nawoo pipped me to the post with two game weeks left:angry after ODM had top spot for most of the season.
  10. Punter

    Punter Moderator

    Yes, i did see that.

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  11. winrew

    winrew GILF

    Didn't realise i was due £20.00.
    Would it be possible to send it to ..

    A charity close to my heart over the last couple of years.
    Cheers , and well done to the three above me with some exceptional scoring.
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  12. slick

    slick Administrator

    Will do mate.:thumb

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