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World Cup 2014 Group D Betting

Discussion in 'World Cup 2014 Betting' started by slick, Feb 21, 2014.

  1. rcgills

    rcgills Moderator

    9 match international ban, a 4 month ban from all football (not even allowed to set foot inside a stadium in that time) and a £66k fine
  2. BeaBea

    BeaBea BeaH

    Finally, hope is not only because of the high number of posts about it!
  3. winrew

    winrew GILF

    Thought this was witty ..

    Possibly my favourite here from US football legend Alexi Lalas:

    "When FIFA says you're a disgrace, you know you've done something wrong," he said on ESPN.

    It also said ALL footballing related matters , does that include not being able to finish his Pannini sticker album ?
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