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World Cup Final Betting 13th July 2014

Discussion in 'World Cup 2014 Betting' started by slick, Jul 10, 2014.

  1. slick

    slick Administrator

    Match Result
    13th July 2014

    Germany 11/8 Draw 11/5 Argentina 9/4

    Odds Betred
  2. Punter

    Punter Moderator

    I know most of us are on Argentina pre tournament and stand to make a few quid but i'm now of the opinion that Germany are going to win this.

    I dont really want to say to much because i dont want to influence anyone in case i'm wrong, but i did adjust my staking before the Brazil game, wiping most of my profit off in order not to lose.

    Germany in the 90 minutes for me.
  3. ThunderCelt

    ThunderCelt National League Punter

    For anteposts I'm equally positioned on both sides, so I'm doing a couple.of interest bets:

    Muller to score last at the general 9/2. I assume Klose won't last the ninety, and Muller will fill in there late on.

    Also Germany Dnb at 4/6, on the grounds that although Argentina look good on paper, they've not really impressed me, while Germany have.
  4. Seen

    Seen Moderator

    I've traded so win same amount on both teams, but want Germany to win as they've played by far the more positive football.
  5. ThunderCelt

    ThunderCelt National League Punter

    The game sort of went as my bet suggested, but the punts didn't come off. :cry

    It's been a great World Cup, and great to have games at times I wasn't working so I got to see every game except where fatigue overtook me for some of the 11pms:giveup
  6. Seen

    Seen Moderator

    Messi wins the Golden Ball :ohwell

    Fuck off.
  7. rcgills

    rcgills Moderator

    Ridiculous decision, wasn't it? Did OK in some of the earlier games, but was virtually anonymous in the semi and final. Muller, Kroos, Robben, Rodriguez, Mascherano, even Neymar, all more deserving than Messi.
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  8. BeaBea

    BeaBea BeaH

    There is no question about Messi being one of the best football players in the world, but in this WC he didn't deliver at all and if this award is being given in this context - then the awarding is questionable, i do agree with you, rcgills

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