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Betnod free cash football comp 2015/16 wc 05/02/16 week 27

Discussion in 'BETNOD free Cash Football comp for season 2015-16' started by ONEDUNME, Feb 3, 2016.

  1. rcgills

    rcgills Moderator

    Just as well you spotted that, as I hadn't noticed. OK, Chesterfield it is.

    OK for Howson and Kegman too.

    Had seen the Blackpool game was off, but had forgotten that was one of my selections. So as my replacement I'll have:

    Sporting v Deportivo La Coruña draw @ 3.0
  2. rcgills

    rcgills Moderator

    Latest scores:

    ODM 4.37 (Fulham draw, Forest) with Bournemouth and Chelsea draw to come
    Howson 3.5 (Liverpool draw)
    Punter 3.5 (Liverpool draw) with Chelsea draw to come
    Newman 3.15 (Peterborough, Wigan)
    Topdog 2.7 (Ingolstadt, Schalke) with Bordeaux and Sevilla to come
    Rcgills 2.0 (Sporting draw) with Barnsley and Gimnastic to come
    Winrew 1.7 (Carlisle) with Palermo to come
    Slick 1.0 (Newcastle) with Arsenal to come
    Kegman 0 with Arsenal to come
    Traeth 0 with Chelsea draw to come
  3. rcgills

    rcgills Moderator

    Week 27 scores:

    ODM 6.62 (Fulham draw, Forest, Chelsea draw)
    Punter 5.75 (Liverpool draw, Chelsea draw)
    Howson 3.5 (Liverpool draw)
    Newman 3.15 (Peterborough, Wigan)
    Rcgills 3.0 (Sporting draw, Barnsley)
    Topdog 2.7 (Ingolstadt, Schalke)
    Traeth 2.25 (Chelsea draw)
    Slick 2.1 (Newcastle, Arsenal)
    Winrew 1.7 (Carlisle)
    Kegman 1.1 (Arsenal)

    Week 27 table:

    1. Kegman 96.23
    2. Traeth 90.75
    3. Punter 86.63
    4. Rcgills 84.66
    5. Howson 82.94
    6. ODM 80.76
    7. Slick 80.50
    8. Newman 75.37
    9. Topdog 74.45
    10. Winrew 72.78

    Highest weekly score: Newman 16.3 (week 10)

    Chelsea's late equaliser helped a few players out this week, not least ODM and Punter who claim the week's 2 highest scores. Leader Kegman gets the lowest score of the week, but still has a comfortable lead over Traeth at the top.
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  4. slick

    slick Administrator

    I've bloody slipped behind ODM now, how bad can things get, I'm going to have start rolling my sleeves up.

    ONEDUNME Administrator

    Cheekly bugger. I'll have you know I'm on a charge. Just need my five timer to kick in and I intend to be top 3 by the end of April