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Week 17 6th Nov to 9th Dec

Discussion in 'FREE CASH KOMP 2019/20' started by slick, Dec 5, 2019.

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  2. rcgills

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    Week 17 latest scores:

    Howson 6.75 (Borussia M, Boreham Wood) with Brighton draw to come
    Kristobal 6.45 (Bristol City, Blackburn, Hull) with West Ham to come
    Newman 4.85 (Cheltenham, Villarreal draw) with Cagliari, St Etienne and draw at Betis to come
    Topdog 4.1 (St Mirren, Walsall)
    Rcgills 3.35 (Gills, Hull) with Newcastle to come
    Kegman 2.45 (Swindon, Motherwell)
    Slick 2.3 (Watford draw) with West Ham, Newcastle, and draws at Norwich and Brighton to come
    Winrew 1.3 (Augsburg)
    ODM 1.0 (Blackburn) with draw at West Ham to come
    Nawoo 0 with Bilbao to come
    Traeth 0 - picks submitted after the cutoff time, sorry
  3. rcgills

    rcgills Moderator

    Week 17 latest scores:

    Howson 8.85 (Borussia M, Boreham Wood, Brighton draw)
    Kristobal 6.45 (Bristol City, Blackburn, Hull)
    Slick 6.0 (draws at Watford and Brighton, Newcastle)
    Rcgills 4.95 (Gills, Hull, Newcastle)
    Newman 4.85 (Cheltenham, Villarreal draw)
    Topdog 4.1 (St Mirren, Walsall)
    Kegman 2.45 (Swindon, Motherwell)
    Winrew 1.3 (Augsburg)
    ODM 1.0 (Blackburn)
    Nawoo 0
    Traeth 0 (picks submitted after the cutoff time)

    Week 17 table:

    1. Slick 69.62
    2. Howson 68.49
    3. Kristobal 54.73
    4. Topdog 52.87
    5. Traeth 51.45
    6. Newman 50.82
    7. Rcgills 49.84
    8. Nawoo 48.82
    9. ODM 47.94
    10. Kegman 47.60
    11. Winrew 43.77

    Highest weekly score: Kristobal 11.33 (week 9)

    Provisional table pending tomorrow's West Ham game. Well done to Howson who's currently got the highest score of the week (although Kristobal could still overtake him) and closes the gap on Slick at the top. Traeth forgetting to post before the cutoff time proves costly as he drops out of the top 3, replaced by Kristobal.

    The gap is bigger between 2nd and 3rd than it is between 3rd and 11th, Slick and Howson breaking away from the pack at the moment.
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